lara crop.jpgDSC_1189.jpgDSC_1826.jpgDSC_2454.jpgDSC_6092.jpgband colours .jpgbeautiful staircase.jpgDad in mirror.jpgembrace.jpgfamily group.jpgfriend.jpggirls at party.jpgGrooms speach .jpgguest laughing.jpghats.jpgJo sally brides maids.jpgmartin group .jpgmother and sons.jpgOn the bus .jpgrachelbridesmaid.jpgroom shot.jpgsandhurst.jpgservice.jpgwalking into a view.jpg
I have beed photographing weddings since I had my first camera, put it simply I am a romantic and I love doing them, please visit my site to get the full picture or call for a chat on 07957617857