Car Portfolios – Precious Metal Folios

Bespoke albums for owners of classic cars. Using my love and passion for these evocative machines I use my photographic skills to capture your pride and joy and present it in a bespoke album for you to cherish . Packages start from £395 call now to book a session ……….07957 617 857

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The Albums

I produce bespoke hardback photobooks of your car  in a hardform classic protective sleeve. The Album is produced following a 2-3 hour photo session at an agreed location, convenient to you and your car.  Normally I use approximately 30 images in the book creating an in detailed portrait of your car. Focusing on the elements that make your car so appealing and offer you a unique record of your vehicle . I am also happy to photograph any emphemera relating to the car that might add history or simply personal note to the album. Finally I also shoot a portrait of you and your car.

Please call 07957 617 857 to arrange a session . I travel nationwide working year round we don’t need lots of sunshine to photograph cars !!


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The Session

They can occur anytime of day or night – evenings and mornings are best. Harsh midday sun does not help capture the detail of your car.Rain is the real enemy so usually when discussing a date we pencil in 2 dates and then check the conditions closer to the day. Having found an appropriate location I then spend a couple of hours photographing  the complete car and its unique details using either natural or studio lighting which ever is right for the feel and conditions of the shoot , guaranteeing images of real quality that evoke the spirit of the car’s design and history.

The final part of the session is to photograph you  in the car usually on a quiet road to capture it on the move looking it’s best in the landscape to provide you with a really special portrait to saviour.

I usually process the images within 5-7 days the album takes another week, so after 14 days the Album is delivered to you. You also receive memorystick keyfob with all of your images for you to have.


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I am happy to attend an event to capture you and you vehicle in action as an additional part of your album,  call me on 07957 617 857 to discuss your plans . The additional cost is often very reasonable as I attend a number of historic events every year !